Insurance Process

Our project managers are insurance specialists and they will help you every step of the way. AN INITIAL INSPECTION IS RECOMMENDED TO MAKE SURE THERE’S SUFFICIENT DAMAGE FOR INSURANCE APPROVAL


1. First, we like to do a very detailed inspection.

This helps the homeowner know exactly the kind of damage the property has. Also, helps us get ready for the adjuster meeting so we represent you, the homeowner in the best way possible.


2. Following the inspection, we will help you file the claim


3. We will be present for the adjuster meeting.

    • We will make sure the adjuster does not miss any damage and that the homeowner is treated fairly under their insurance policy.

4. Once approved; we get to the fun part in picking all the work to be done, the colors, material, and start date.


5. The claim will be completely handled by our office.

    • We will stay in communication with the insurance
    • We will handle all the required documentation
    • Homeowner’s only worry is to receive the insurance check


    • First payment due upon roof completion.

All of our project managers are insurance specialists that can help you every step of the year.